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18 janvier 2024

Le port de Prince Rupert traitera 23,5 millions de tonnes de marchandises en 2023, soit une baisse annuelle de 5 %.

L'Administration portuaire de Prince Rupert (APPR) a annoncé aujourd'hui que 23,5 millions de tonnes de marchandises ont été transporté par le port de Prince Rupert en 2023, soit cinq pour cent de moins que les volumes de 2022.

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6 décembre 2023

L’Administration portuaire de Prince Rupert signe un protocole d’accord mondial sur les couloirs de navigation verts multiportuaires et multijuridictionnels

L'Administration portuaire de Prince Rupert (APPR) a signé le protocole d'accord mondial sur les corridors de transport maritime écologique multiportuaire afin d'établir des corridors internationaux de transport maritime écologique de la côte Ouest du Canada vers l'Asie et le Moyen-Orient.

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Aujourd'hui dans le port

Dernière mise à jour: 2024-01-31 11:00:10

Navire Statut Poste d'amarrage Cargo Arrivée Départ
NEW NOBLEArrivedAnchorage 05Barley01/30/2024 155902/14/2024 0000
EMERALD DAISHANArrivedAnchorage 25Metalurgical Coal01/30/2024 154602/16/2024 1300
RG CERESArrivedAnchorage 06Wheat01/30/2024 075402/16/2024 1600
COSCO EUROPEArrivedFairview NorthContainer01/29/2024 194201/31/2024 1730
MSC UTMOST VIIIArrivedFairview SouthContainer01/29/2024 110602/01/2024 1130

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We are sounding our horn for AltaGas to celebrate its new dual-fuel LPG vessels, Boreal Voyager and Boreal Pioneer!

They will deliver Canadian LPG from the Port of #PrinceRupert to key markets in Asia and enable greater efficiency in trans-Pacific energy supply chains.

By using LPG, these new vessels provide a 25% reduction in emissions from traditional bunker fuel and a 90% drop in nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides – the two main pollutants from ship emissions.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority was honoured to be part of the ship naming ceremony in Ulsan, South Korea, hosted by SK Shipping and Hyundai Heavy Industries. It marks an important milestone in the ongoing collaboration with our industry partners to develop the West Coast Green Shipping Corridor and cut carbon emissions at the Prince Rupert Gateway by 30% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


On Saturday March 2nd, search and rescue exercises will be conducted throughout Prince Rupert’s inner harbour. These activities will happen between 11AM and 4PM and involve multiple vessels. A non-toxic smoke generator will be used during the drills.

This joint training will include Prince Rupert Port Authority, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, Canadian Coast Guard, Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue.

Participants will gather at the Cow Bay Breakwater. There are no waterfront walkway closures planned, but members of the public are asked to maintain a safe distance to allow emergency responders the space to conduct their training.

@rupertport @rcm_sar @coastguardcan #PrinceRupert #MarineSafety #SAR #TrainingExercise

#TBT Mariner’s Park is a popular place! Through a partnership between the #PrinceRupert Lions Club and our Community Investment Fund, a pirate-themed playground was built for the benefit of the city`s youngest residents. Since opening in 2017, it`s become a favourite with local families and visitors. ...

The Prince Rupert Port Authority and the Kitsumkalum First Nation are pleased to announce that they have entered into a Relationship Agreement that will govern how the two organizations work together for years to come.

The agreement was formally ratified last year, through a community-hosted signing ceremony on Kitsumkalum Laxyuup (territory). The agreement is founded on the shared principles of mutual understanding and openness, respect, trust, commitment, building the economy, and stewarding the environment.

Read the full announcement at

The end of Cow Bay Road will be temporarily closed on Friday March 1st for equipment offloading by crane starting at 10am. We ask that drivers and pedestrians use caution, follow the direction of flaggers, and avoid the area during the morning hours. ...

#TBT The interior of the Prince Rupert Racquet Centre was transformed through multiple Community Investment Fund projects.

The upgrades have opened up the Prince Rupert Racquets Association`s facility, improving the overall look and functionality. The changes have generated numerous indoor recreational opportunities for #PrinceRupert residents.

Happy Family Day! We hope you`re able to get outside and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

The Port Interpretive Centre and @rupertport offices are closed today and will reopen Tuesday February 20th.

Recognized as one of BC`s Top Employers for 2024, at the Prince Rupert Port Authority we believe our people propel us.

Discover the diverse career opportunities available now and become part of our team.

Visit our website to learn more:

#TBT Another slam dunk, this time for the City of Prince Rupert.

In 2016, the City partnered with the @rupertport Community Investment Fund to completely restore the Russell Gamble Gymnasium floor. Work involved sanding, refinishing, and painting.

The All Native Basketball Tournament is taking place in the gym this week, with the Finals set for Saturday February 17th. Good luck to all the teams @nativeall!

The competition is fierce at the All Native Basketball Tournament!

PRPA team members are in the arena throughout the week. Stop by our booth to enter our daily draw. Today you could win a gift certificate to Stardust Restaurant in #PrinceRupert!

#ANBT2024 @NativeAll

The Prince Rupert Port Authority is honoured to be named one of BC`s Top Employers for 2024! This is the second year in a row that @rupertport has received this award. We`re proud to continue to be recognized as an exceptional place to work:

#CanadasLeadingEdge @TopEmployers

Our team is having a great time at the All-Native Basketball Tournament! Visit our booth in the arena to pick up your own mini basketball and enter our daily draw! 🏀 🏀 🏀 #ANBT2024 @NativeAll ...

The @RupertRampage net a big win for the #PrinceRupert Salvation Army. For each goal the team scored on home ice this season, @rupertport donated $100 to the `Goals for Giving Hope` campaign.

Over the past decade, together we`ve raised $34,800 through this initiative to support the organization`s important community services!

Happy Lunar New Year! May the Year of the Dragon bring health, safety, and abundance! 🐉 🏮 🎆
#LunarNewYear #YearoftheDragon

#TBT It was a slam dunk for @metlakatlanation, one of many communities that are ready for @nativeall this week.

Thanks to a partnership with the @rupertport Community Investment Fund, Metlakatla officially opened its outdoor sports court in October 2023. Now, they have 24/7 access to play basketball and other sports.

The court is located near the Elders Centre and Head Start program, so it can also serve as a place for community gatherings.

Become part of our team this summer! We are hiring more than 20 summer student positions in departments across our organization, including:

- Communications
- Digital Business
- Engineering
- Environmental Sustainability
- Finance
- Gateway Operations
- Government Relations
- Human Resources
- Information Technology
- Legal
- Maintenance
- Port Interpretive Centre
- Procurement

Learn more about these roles and how to apply at

Application deadline is February 29, 2024.

Playoffs? You bet! One more regular season game to go for our @rupertrampage before the playoffs get underway, so let`s fill the rink this Saturday!

@rupertport will also be there, as we officially wrap up our ongoing celebration of 10 years of sponsoring the Rampage.

Visit our booth during the hockey game and enter your name (by donation) into the draw where you could win an amazing gift basket. This week, 100% of all proceeds will go directly to the North Coast Health Improvement Society.

#TBT Safety first! The @rupertport Community Investment Fund partnered with Masset Marine Search Society to equip @rcm_sar Station 45 with a new fast-response vessel. It`s been helping save lives on the waters off Haida Gwaii since 2019. ...

#TBT It`s all fun and games on the playground at École Roosevelt Park Community School. @rupertport`s Community Investment Fund partnered with the school`s Parent Advisory Committee to add new accessible equipment in 2022. Designed for greater inclusivity and collaboration, the playground is now more lively than ever! ...

@pierrepoilievremp visited the Port of #PrinceRupert today to learn about our evolving trade gateway and the workforce that keeps Canada`s supply chains flowing. ...

Explore the career opportunities available at the Prince Rupert Port Authority. From positions in Property Management and Business Intelligence to Gateway Operations, we are hiring for a wide range of roles across our organization. Visit our website to learn more: ...

#TBT / The Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association has really grown over the past decade, and the Prince Rupert Port Authority has contributed, more than $200,000 through its Community Investment Fund. The projects included the purchase of multiple pieces of equipment to benefit gymnasts of all skill levels. ...

The Port of Prince Rupert handled 23.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2023, a five percent annual decline. Read more about the Gateway`s performance and the projects under development to strengthen the Port`s advantage at ...

New year, new career opportunities. We`re hiring for multiple positions across our organization. Visit to see the roles and how to apply. ...

Rupert Rampage players are always trying to score a goal, and also, a goal for our town is to always support our community. This Saturday night, give your support to the Change Makers` Education Society. Visit our booth during the hockey game and enter your name (by donation) into the draw. You could win an amazing gift basket. 100% of all proceeds to directly to Change Makers, Prince Rupert. ...

#TBT / Winter has finally arrived, and Shames Mountain is ready to welcome the entire Northwest. Ever since the birth of My Mountain Co-op in 2011, Prince Rupert Port Authority has contributed more than $700,000 to several of their projects via the Community Investment Fund, such as parking lot expansion, a new beginner`s lift, and the purchase of a snowcat.
We`re now accepting applications for new projects. Visit for more information. The deadline to apply is January 15th.

Only two ports in Canada provide shore power for container vessels. #PrinceRupert is one of them. Find out how this infrastructure plays a critical part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the Port of Prince Rupert: ...

#TBT The volunteers who run the @metlakatlanation community greenhouse and garden are bringing food sustainability and greater self-sufficiency to their community. It’s incredible to see the fresh produce they’ve grown and harvested since the greenhouse was installed through a Community Investment Fund project back in 2017.

We`re now accepting applications for new projects. Visit for more information. The deadline to apply is January 15th.


Montrer la voie en matière d'innovation dans la chaîne d'approvisionnement.
Liquides, granulés, charbon et céréales ;
nous nous occupons de tout.
Offrir aux aventuriers un aperçu de la nature sauvage et authentique du Canada.


Infographic that shows that Prince Rupert offers an 8 day sailing time, making it the shortest Pacific Route

Route du Pacifique la plus courte

Le port de Prince Rupert est le port nord-américain le plus proche de l'Asie, à trois jours de navigation près : Shanghai est à 36 heures de route de Vancouver et à plus de 68 heures de Los Angeles.
Tanker vessel sailing through a safe shipping lane in British Columbia on it's way to Prince Rupert Port

Accès sécurisé aux voies de navigation

Les risques maritimes majeurs sont grandement atténués par les caractéristiques naturelles idéales de notre port. Le port de Prince Rupert possède le port le plus profond d'Amérique du Nord, est libre de glace toute l'année et peut accueillir les plus gros navires du commerce maritime.
Taker vessel coming into dock in Port Rupert Port, B.C

Le port le plus profond d'Amérique du Nord

Nos approches profondes, larges et protégées bénéficient d'un accès court et direct vers et depuis les voies de navigation du Pacifique et offrent amplement d'espace pour les mouillages. C'est pourquoi notre temps de pilotage est de 2 à 6 heures de moins que les autres grands ports du Nord-Ouest.

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