Port Information Guide

The Port Information Guide proposed for 2024 is now available.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) is proud to announce that we are ready to make our Port Information Guide update official. PRPA is inviting all interested parties to share their comments during a period of 30 days. To view the guide, download the document located at the right side of this page. A paper copy is also available at the Port Interpretive Centre, 100-215 Cow Bay Road, in Prince Rupert.

Please send your comments for perusal by February 11, 2024, to harbour@rupertport.com.

Here is a quick recap on the amendments for 2024:

1.    Section 4.2 – Health. Transport Canada has amended their policy on reporting procedure for suspected COVID 19 cases on board vessels entering Canada. For a suspected COVID 19 case the vessel is to directly contact by email, the Public Health Agency of Canada for further direction.

2.    Section 7.2 – Developments. Annual update to port developments to include Wolverine and REEF.

3.    Section 8.5 & 8.13 – Ridley Terminals name change to Trigon Pacific Terminals.

4.    Section 8.5 – Northland Terminal name change to Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal.

5.    Section 8.8 – Contact information verified and updated.

6.    Section 9.2 & 11.4 – Tugs and Tug Services. Contact information verified and updated.

7.    Section 14.2 – Lowering Boats and Rafts. Removed vessel boats transferring crew ashore and updated that crew on shore leave may only access the waterfront by water taxi.

8.    Section 14.6 – Green Wave Program. Updated with PRPA Green Wave Program webpage link.

9.    Section 16.2 – Fuel and Lubrication Oil (bunkering) – Wolverine Terminals contact information added as local service provider.

10.  Section 16.7, 16.9, 16.10, 16.13 – Local Services, Surveyors, Shipping Agents. Contact information verified and updated.

11.  Section 16 – Port Sections Guide. Validity dates changed. Name change for Trigon Pacific Terminals and Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal updated.

2023 Port Information Guide


This book has been written for Masters of seagoing vessels, shipping lines, publishers of nautical information and any other party that needs nautical information. This Port Information Guide contains the PRPA Practices and Procedures pursuant to Section 561 of the Canada Marine Act. These Practices and Procedures apply to all vessels within the port limits of Prince Rupert and to all persons responsible for the planning, operation, conduct and safe navigation of such vessels.


PRPA makes every effort to make and maintain the contents of this document as up-to-date, accessible, error-free and complete as possible; however, the correctness and completeness of these contents cannot be guaranteed. PRPA accepts no liability whatsoever for the occurrences and or consequences of errors, faults or incompleteness or any other omission in connection with the information provided by this document. In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between this document and the applicable legislation, including the port by-laws, the latter will prevail. Any substantive change to port by-laws would be reflected in amendments to this manual as soon as practicable.


Prince Rupert Port Authority is a Port Authority established pursuant to the Canada Marine Act, S.C. 1998 C. 10 as amended and is registered in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) with the Port Identification Number 221514 and the United Nations (UN) Locator code CAPRR.


Contact the Port Security Operations Centre, 24/7
+1 (250) 627-2522

2023 Version - Download our offline Port information Guide

Last updated: Dec 22, 2022

Proposed 2024 Version - Download our offline Port information Guide

Last updated: Jan 05, 2024