6.1 Compulsory Removal of Goods


The Authority may, by written notice to the Owner of any goods that are on Authority Property, require the removal of those goods at the Owner’s expense after the expiration of Free Time and the Owner, upon receipt of such notice, shall remove the goods forthwith from Authority Property.


Subsection 6.2.1 may not apply to Authority Property, if the Authority Property is under lease to any person or allotted to any person by the Authority.

6.2 Disposition of Goods


Subject to subsection 6.1.2 the Authority may, at the risk and expense of the Owner of the goods, remove, store or relocate any goods that are left on Authority Property after the expiration of Free Time.

6.3 Goods Requiring Refrigeration


Where refrigerated goods are to be loaded on or unloaded from a Vessel, the Owner of the Vessel shall arrange for the consignee of the goods to take immediate delivery of the goods when they are unloaded, or arrange for delivery of the goods for outward movement at a proper time in order to permit the handling and loading of them on the Vessel without delay, whichever is appropriate.

6.4 Documentation


The cost of supplying clerks, labour, material, and equipment for the checking and sorting of Goods that have not been delivered by the Owner of a Vessel according to bills of lading at the time they were unloaded from the Vessel may be charged to the Owner of the Vessel.


Complete documentation in respect of the cargo of a Vessel shall be provided by the Owner of the Vessel to the Authority three full working days before the cargo is unloaded.


Where documentation in respect of the cargo of a Vessel is not provided by the Owner to the Authority within the time specified in subsection 6.4.2, as a result of which the Authority incurs additional expenses in the calculation of charges or the preparation of container load plans on behalf of the Owner, such costs shall be paid by the Owner.

6.5 Materials and Services Supplied


Charges for any material furnished and any services performed by the Authority shall be based on the cost of the material or service plus a 15% fee.